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The greatest pandemic

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The country of Lebanon and the city of Cleveland, Ohio were both on their toes when it came to handling the greatest pandemic of the century.

Cleveland, Ohio not only answered to numerous deaths and outbreaks around the state, but has also suffered a shot in the economy.More than half the state struggling to keep up with their everyday lives. Nonetheless, when it came to handling the Covid-19 outbreak, Cleveland was able to take drastic steps in hopes of stopping the spread of this horrifying disease. Under strict regulations and protocol, with the leadership of Ohio’s governor Mike DeWine, and former Chief Health Advisor Amy Acton, were able to close and reopen the state through various phases. The city of Cleveland started their Covid -19 ordinances with wearing masks in public, and trying to warn people to stay home. Not long after, the outbreak began progressing; stores, places of business, schools, etc., were closing. There were rigorous regulations as the city was trying to handle the pandemic, and prepare for the blow to its economy. Stay at home orders were put into action, along with other meticulous rules such as, having a curfew, only going out to the store if absolutely needed, staying six feet away from anyone unless you have been quarantined with them. Not to mention schools/universities acting quickly to shut down, as well as most educators moving everything online for students to finish their semester.There was no time to plan for the future when it came to the beginning of the COVID 19 outbreak, not just in Ohio, but across the world. With haste, the rest of the country saw how the Governor and Dr. Acton worked together to form these strategic plans and soon followed behind the steps Ohio planned to take. All we could do as a nation was take it day by day and think of the safety of those around us in the present.

Covid-19 has not been easy on any part of the world whatsoever. Lebanon in particular has taken one of the hardest hits due to the pandemic. Just like Cleveland, Ohio, Lebanon itself began shut down and restrictions similar to the US city, back in April 2020. Nearly two months later, the Middle Eastern country allowed the easing of restrictions put in place, and businesses started to reopen. Though the country was slowly reopening, refugee camps were closely monitored and watched as Syrian and Palestinian refugees live in close, dense, overpopulated areas.The country did not want to witness another surge of the outbreak happen due to informal living. Not too long after lifting the stipulations in place, Lebanon found itself yet again, shutting down to the pandemic. As if the sickness and infection wasn’t enough, Lebanon was already in a difficult place with their economy, but this pandemic was absolutely crushing the country to pieces. The Lebanese currency has fallen drastically, inflation has soared, and anti-government protests were breaking out throughout the country due to constant corruption and mismanagement. This has lead the country through a whirlwind of unrest.Also, the devastating explosion at the port of Lebanon, which has left thousands more homeless, additional pressures to medical facilities, and a shot in the hope of returning to a normal everyday life. The economic situation became so brutal that Covid was no longer seen as a threat to the Lebanese people, but they were more worried about hunger, poverty, and desperation,over a deadly surge of sickness. The United Nations thankfully opened their arms to giving Lebanon full assistance in responding to their crisis with Acting UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, Claudio Cordone saying, “ ’Lebanon is going through an unprecedented emergency, requiring all of us to ramp up our actions to contain and stop the transmission of the virus.’ ” According to the World Health Organization, Lebanon will be able to use the ramifications of Covid-19 as an opportunity to enhance food safety and hygiene measures to protect the country. As far as the economy goes in the beautiful country, the residents and community will always find their way back, no matter the setbacks… As for the Covid-19 outbreak, the country handled and attacked the situation head on, fast, and managed to keep numbers at a surprisingly low rate compared to the rest of the world.

Both Cleveland and Lebanon acted quickly in terms of locking down their communities to prevent the spread while setting up testing stations with results coming back within 24 hours. Both places saw economic crashes and hardships of reopening businesses and daily routines. Yet,the most wholesome feeling through such a traumatizing few months, is seeing the strength, support, and motivation, Lebanon and Cleveland both have, to return to normal; to make sure both of these communities know, everything will be alright, and our world, will make its come back soon.

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