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On Saturday October 03, 2020 , we celebrated the wedding of Joyce Bedran and George Geagaa in a beautiful ceremony that took place at St. Maron Church followed by the reception at La Villa Banquet center. Many Families and Friends gathered to celebrate this Joyful Occasion. We want to wish them Happiness for many years to come.
Congratulations to the newly wed. 

World Premiere – Seong-Jin Cho: The Unknown Mozart

هذه المخطوطة الحديثة لفولفغانغ  ويعود تاريخها إلى أوائل العام  1773 تعزف للمرة الأولى في التاريخ. إستمع اليها في هذا التقريرالفيديو القصير للمقطوعةفي ذكرى ميالد ولفغانغ أماديوس موزارت، المؤلف الموسيقي العالمي الـ265 ،قدم عازف البيانو الكوري-الجنوبي الشهير سيونغ جين...


Protect Kids From Cyber Threats

When kids get on a phone or tablet or computer, they are immediately exposed to two kinds of threats: watching what they should not be watching and being watched by those who shouldn’t be watching them! And that makes for a new challenge for parents who are not necessarily professionals in the matters of cyber security.

Follow these simple steps to keep your children safer, and please learn more how to ensure even a higher standard of cyber security for your family.

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