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Geagea says ‘Hizbullah disarmament, neutrality, reforms’ in LF’s electoral program

by Apr 16, 2022Arab News


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea announced Wednesday the LF’s program for the upcoming parliamentary elections, urging the Lebanese voters to hold accountable those who have been ruling the country by voting against them in the upcoming polls.

Geagea accused Hizbullah of “dominating the political, strategic and security decisions in Lebanon,” and of “speaking on behalf of the Shiites.”

“The Shiites are Lebanese like us and will benefit from our work, because they are the most deprived despite the heroic victories that Hizbullah talks about,” Geagea said.

He added that he is not against a real resistance, accusing Hizbullah of “exploiting the concept of resistance.”

Geagea stressed that “only the state must be armed and only the state must take peace and war decisions.”

He said that the solution is in implementing the U.N. resolutions and in the maritime border demarcation. He added that Lebanon must preserve its “positive neutrality.”

Geagea blamed the Lebanese leaders for the crisis, claiming that the LF had asked for reforms before the crisis and promising that his bloc will work to implement these reforms.

“There are no magical solutions,” Geagea said, citing an agreement with the IMF and a forensic audit as required reforms.

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