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Geagea: The LF will not nominate Berri, and the elections are the first step out of the faltering state

by May 23, 2022Arab News

Geagea: The LF will not nominate Berri, and the elections are the first step out of the faltering state

Lebanese Forces Party Chief, Samir Geagea, considered that a major confrontation needs to be undertaken in order to get Lebanon out of its current situation, and “the first step begins with the elections for the presidency of the Parliament.”

He reiterated that the Lebanese Forces will not elect the Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri for a renewed term, noting that all eyes are directed in this regard towards the head of the “Movement of lies, deception and cheating”, who has always claimed that Berri and his group “hindered his endeavors”, accusing them of being “corrupt thugs”.

Geagea also called on the opposition groups, “individuals, independents, small groups, and parties, to coordinate in order to find the appropriate way to activate this opposition after it has become the majority in Parliament.”

“The Lebanese Forces will follow this difficult, long and tedious path until the end, because it is the only way towards salvation, especially since the easiest path is not always the best…At times it is, but at other times the difficult and arduous path remains the best, and therefore we will take it no matter how winding,” he pledged.

The LF Chief’s positions came during a festive ceremony celebrating the elections outcome organized by the Party in Jezzine’s Municipality Square, in which he participated via “Zoom” Application from Maarab, in the presence of newly elected MPs Ghada Ayoub and Saeed Al-Asmar, alongside a number of mayors, social activists and party supporters from the region.

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