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Sports betting in Ohio: When it will be legalized, how to bet online, places to find picks, solid promos

by Sep 20, 2022Local Economy

Ohio sports fans have been waiting
patiently, and the time has come for
their state to be one of the newest to
add legal Ohio sports betting.

State legislatures took the time to iron out
all the details, and now Ohio online
sports betting will launch in January

Ohio residents are very
passionate about their sports teams,
so you know online sports betting in
Ohio is going to be a major hit in the
Buckeye State. It won’t take long for

an exclusive Ohio sports book promo
code and unique Ohio sports book
bonus offer to boom in popularity.

It may be daunting for new sports
gamblers, so SportsLine is here to
help you better understand sports
betting. Below are some terms used
in sports betting and what they mean
from our friends at SportsLine.

How to bet on sports in Ohio when

There are several ways you can
make sports wagers both online and
in retail sportsbooks and plenty of
bet types you’ll want to familiarize
yourself with. Here are several
common sports betting terms:
Against the spread: Football is a big
deal in Ohio, so you should know how
to place a spread bet. If Cincinnati is

a 7.5-point favorite against Pittsburgh,
they need to score eight or more
points to cover the spread. Pittsburgh
can cover by winning outright or
losing by seven or fewer points.
Push: If neither team can cover the
spread, the result is called a push.
If Cincinnati closes as a three-point
favorite against Cleveland and then
wins the game 27-24, neither team
covers the spread and all bets are

Parlay: A parlay is a bet that contains
two or more teams, which makes
it a riskier but more rewarding bet
because all sides have to win for the
bet to be a winner. If you bet $100 on
a four-way parlay where the odds are
11-1, the amount won is $1,100 if all
four sides win.

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