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Ohio collected $34.9B in state taxes in 2021, 9th highest in country

by May 3, 2022Local News

Ohio collects the 9th most taxes in the country

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Ohio, the nation’s seventh-largest state, collected the ninth highest amount of taxes in 2021, at $34.9 billion, a 14.1% increase from 2020, according to data released from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Overall, there was a 19% increase in state government taxes nationally for a total of $1.3 trillion, or more precisely, $1,271,508,842,000. The U.S. Census Bureau, in issuing its report late last week, reported these numbers in thousands, rounding the numbers in the hundred range. Ohio’s total was listed at $34,909,388,000.

California, by far the largest state in terms of population, collected the most with $248.2 billion, followed by New York ($93.5 billion), Texas ($65.4 billion), Illinois ($55.5 billion), Pennsylvania ($49.6 billion), Florida ($49.4 billion), New Jersey ($43.7 billion), Massachusetts ($36.3 billion), and Ohio.

The largest increases from 2020 to 2021 were in Utah (44.66%), California (43.8%), Colorado (24.83%), Oregon (34.53%), Michigan (23.14%), Illinois (22.63%), North Carolina (22.61%), Montana (22.47%), and Rhode Island (22.33%).

The U.S. Census Bureau publishes this data in the Annual Survey of State Government Tax Collections, which summarizes taxes collected by each state for five broad tax categories and up to 25 tax subcategories.

The five broad categories are property taxes, sales and gross receipts taxes, license taxes, income taxes, and other taxes, like death and gift taxes, severance taxes, and documentary and stock transfer taxes.

The data include tax collections of state governments only; they do not include those of local governments. Because Ohio’s property tax is determined and collected by the county and local governments, it is not included.

However, even if you remove property taxes from each state for comparison, the rankings for the top states do not change.

Ohio collected the most taxes from the sales and gross receipt taxes, for a total of $22.1 billion, an 8.96% increase from 2020. These include taxes on general and selective sales, alcoholic beverages, insurance premiums, public utilities, and tobacco.

The largest increase in taxes collected for any category is a 201% increase in public utilities license taxes from $1 million in 2020 to $3 million in 2021. This is followed by alcoholic beverages license taxes (74.31%), corporations’ net income taxes (61.99%), and individual income taxes (28.70%).

The statistics do not include employer and employee assessments for retirement and social insurance purposes. Also excluded are the states’ unemployment compensation tax collection.

View the chart below for a full breakdown of state taxes collected in Ohio. Total taxes and major tax categories are bolded. Some mobile users may need to use this link.

Tax Type FY2021
In Thousands
In Thousands
Percent change
2021 from 2020
Total Taxes 34,909,388 30,604,964 14.1%
Property Taxes X X X
Sales and Gross Receipts Taxes 22,148,518 20,327,399 9.0%
General Sales and Gross Receipts Taxes 14,393,197 12,864,718 11.9%
Selective Sales and Gross Receipts Taxes 7,755,321 7,462,681 3.9%
Alcoholic Beverages Sales Tax 118,746 108,185 9.8%
Amusements Sales Tax 219,979 272,803 -19.4%
Insurance Premiums Sales Tax 666,671 640,911 4.0%
Motor Fuels Sales Tax 2,524,431 2,527,816 -0.1%
Pari-mutuels Sales Tax 3,690 3,819 -3.4%
Public Utilities Sales Tax 1,036,909 1,034,460 0.2%
Tobacco Products Sales Tax 928,292 914,339 1.5%
Other Selective Sales and Gross Receipts Taxes 2,256,603 1,960,348 15.1%
License Taxes 2,029,060 1,922,181 5.6%
Alcoholic Beverages License 52,218 29,957 74.3%
Amusements License 29,865 39,832 -25.0%
Corporations in General License 277,431 292,349 -5.1%
Hunting and Fishing License 48,625 41,103 18.3%
Motor Vehicle License 504,197 453,563 11.2%
Motor Vehicle Operators License 83,059 71,277 16.5%
Public Utilities License 3,013 1,001 201.0%
Occupation and Business License, NEC 893,836 860,701 3.8%
Other License Taxes 136,816 132,398 3.3%
Income Taxes 10,668,765 8,288,666 28.7%
Individual Income Taxes 10,662,810 8,284,983 28.7%
Corporations Net Income Taxes 5,955 3,683 61.7%
Other Taxes 63,045 66,718 -5.5%
Death and Gift Taxes 62 76 -18.4%
Documentarty and Stock Transfer Taxes X X X
Severance Taxes 62,983 66,642 -5.5%
Taxes, NEC 0 0 0.0%

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